Connecting People with Opportunity

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Mission / Vision


It is the mission of Arise Career Network to see multiple industries positively impacted by the gospel and individuals trained and equipped to uniquely enter into their field of work.


We are a faith-driven workforce development company that does staffing. Our focus is two-fold:




We strive to get to know each employer we partner with and the chemistry and community of their company. This relationship allows for open communication between company needs and the way we recruit and develop employees. Also, this allows us the opportunity to trace out a potential career track for those employees who aspire to long-term employment with career advancement opportunities.


We also strive to get to personally know each candidate for employment that applies with Arise Career Network. A strong relationship and strong sense of community are essential to the Arise business model. Our employees need to know we are on their side and are working for their good so they can reach their full potential.


Philosophy of Work


Our philosophy for work is based on the fundamental principle that all persons are created in the image of God. As image bearers of God we are called to work in a way that honors and reflects our creator. Our Creator is honest, dependable, diligent, consistent, etc… and as His image bearers these characteristics must be true of our work ethic.




Our deeper philosophy of work drives us to pursue the highest standards for all elements of our company. Like other staffing companies and recruiters, we have access to the latest technology to assist us in doing our jobs. Unlike other staffing companies, we view a successful placement as a necessary by-product of a healthy company focused on a deeper reality.


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Connecting People with Opportunity
Connecting People with Opportunity
Connecting People with Opportunity